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Contact your insurance company to advise them the location of your contents  

Draw a simple map to quickly identify items or groupings for quicker access

Identify your bins with content labels as it makes things easier to find when needed

Keep a list of items stored in case you ever need to file and insurance claim

Place the items you will need first at the front and valuables further back   


Fill bins / boxes to max to prevent containers from collapsing

Maximize space by taking furniture apart, put hardware in bag and tape to item

Place heavier containers on bottom and lighter ones on top

Store furniture and mattresses vertically it saves space

Use smaller containers for heavier items and larger ones for lighter items  

Utilize similar box sizes to maximize space and to make stacking easier in storage unit   


Keep fridges, freezers, and dishwashers clean, dry, and empty - allow for partial door opening

Leave space between walls & objects for proper air flow and to minimize odors

Place clothing/bedding off the ground level as it is easily accessible to small rodents

Pack breakables in protective layers of paper/fabrics on top, bottom and in between

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